GTO Tasks Download

GTO is now available for download from The GTO help site is still available at

Unfortunately, GTO is no longer available on the Android Play Store. After 4 years on the Play Store, Google decided that GTO was infringing on intellectual property, and removed it permanently. Although a full explanation wasn't provided, I think they feared that the app's name implied that it was created by Google. That was never my intention, but in order to avoid confusion (and the possibility of further punishment), the app formerly known as "Google Tasks Organizer" has been rebranded to "GTO Tasks".

However, once an app has been suspended from the Play Store, it can never be restored or resubmitted under the same package name. The app can be changed to comply with the rules and uploaded as a completely separate app, but this new app cannot be linked to the original. This would cause minor problems in the code as I've always expected the package name to stay constant. But more importantly, purchases of the original app could not be carried over to the new app, so customers would need to purchase it a second time. I've never wanted customers to pay twice for the same app, so I decided the best route would be to make GTO a free app. I posted the full version on my website to avoid accidentally violating the Play Store rules any further, and to prevent any instability that changing the package name would cause.

I've been a professional programmer for nearly a decade, and GTO was probably my favorite project to work on. Over the course of 3 years, I released more than 70 updates to improve the app and make it the most customizable task list on Android. When it was released in 2010, it was one of only two apps that allowed you to organize your GMail task list from Android, and the only one that allowed offline editing. When Google released the Tasks API in late 2011, many more apps popped up that brought Google Tasks to Android, but GTO still provided the most options for customization and organization. As more apps appeared with nice graphics and simple interfaces, GTO became more of a niche product for power users who wanted the most control over their Android task lists. But things change quickly in the mobile app world, and without a large team and marketing resources, it became more and more difficult to get GTO noticed by users. Even before the Play Store suspension, I reached a point where I couldn't afford to spend much time supporting it. I'm proud of creating GTO, and I genuinely wish it were possible to keep working on the same comfortable project forever. At some point in the future, I hope to have the time and financial stability to come back to GTO and give it the attention it deserves. Until then, I hope that you'll enjoy using GTO in its current state (it's free now, in case you didn't notice).

Many thanks,