Who am I?
My real name is John Steege, and I live in the middle of Iowa. I've been creating software as a hobby since high school, and professionally since 2006. In 2010 I quit my full time job as a database consultant to pursue my dream of running my own business, which now goes by the name TinjaSoft.

What's the best way to contact me?
If you have a question about GTO, it might already be answered on the GTO Help page.

If you have other questions, suggestions, bug reports, or just want to discuss Android in general, please email me at tinjasoft@tinjasoft.com.

If you're a marketer who wants to publish my app on your shiny new app store, or tell me about some other exciting opportunity for my apps, please note: I immediately delete every email about "new app stores" or "exciting opportunities", unless you show some indication that you're not just mass-emailing hundreds of Android developers. If you've actually taken the effort to visit this page, then you're probably not spamming, so please address me by name (John) to let me know that your offer isn't spam.

What have I made?
Google Tasks Organizer (GTO) has been TinjaSoft's most successful app so far. In the middle of 2010, there were only a few ways to check your Google Tasks lists on an Android phone, and none of them allowed you to sync with multiple accounts, or to make changes to tasks without a network connection. GTO changed that, allowing you to organize any number of GMail or Google Apps accounts within one app, even when not connected to the internet. GTO's undergone a lot of changes since then, and barely resembles the original app at all. In fact, there probably isn't a single line of code that has remained unchanged since the first published version. I'm still actively improving GTO and fixing bugs, and it continues to help thousands of people organize their lives on Android.